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Walk with Me - Stories of Us 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - 那年的我们

Walk with Me - Stories of Us 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - 那年的我们 - EP10

16 Min

By meWATCH Published: 04 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Qing Hao finds out his father is suffering from a stroke and rushes back home. Knowing that his father had always objected him from being a designer, he loses his courage to chase his dreams when he sees his father bedridden. While back in China, Qing Hao learns about his friend, Yun Shang had met with an accident and is very depressed. In order to encourage her, a group of friends comes together to sew a Patchwork Quilt blanket, filled with words of encouragement and well wishes, hoping that Yun Shang would not give up on her dreams, and work hard to recover her health. In the midst of encouraging Yun Shang, Qing Hao also rediscovers the courage to pursue his dreams. 庆豪得知父亲中风,赶回国探病;心知父亲向来反对自己当设计师,望着病榻上的父亲,庆豪顿时失去了逐梦的勇气。。。回国期间,庆豪与旧友们聚餐,得知当年好友云裳因发生车祸后,无法站立而被迫放弃了舞蹈梦想。眼见当年鼓励自己不要放弃梦想的云裳,如今变得意志消沉,庆豪内心难受不已;为了让云裳重新振作,庆豪和友人们一起以旧布缝制了百家被(百纳被),被子上写满了鼓励与祝福,希望云裳不要轻易放弃梦想,继续怀抱希望,努力复健!大家暖心的祝福,终于打动了云裳,而庆豪也在鼓励云裳的过程中,再次找到了追求梦想的勇气。。。

Walk with Me - Stories of Us 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - 那年的我们
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