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Vyjayanthi - EP26

21 Min

By Vasantham Published: 03 Oct 2019 Audio: Tamil

Vyjayanthi finds Dharma. He dies. Vyjayanthi finds Ah Siang with the help of Melissa. Samyuktha gets married. Vyjayanthi stands at a corner, proud. Samyuktha gives birth. Vyjayanthi holds the baby in her arms, proud. Samyuktha calls Melissa. Samyuktha's kids are with her too. Melissa tells all the grandkids about their grandma's birthday. She tells them that their grandma will be eagerly awaiting them. But when they enter inside, the grandkids are not bothered. Vyjayanthi is lying in the same position as the first scene. Melissa and her kids find her. Her life flashes in front of her.

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