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Visible Lies 罪案心理小组X

Visible Lies 罪案心理小组X - EP2

23 Min
Disturbing Scenes 部分画面令人不安

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Xu Lang is attacked in a bar during his investigation of the writers' deaths. His teammates find out that the media company that is in-charge of the bar's advertisements could be related to the writers' deaths. 徐朗在调查网络作家谋杀案的过程中在一间酒吧被袭击。组员们查到替酒吧制作宣传广告的传媒集团似乎跟网络作家们的死有关。

Visible Lies 罪案心理小组X
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