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Victory Lap 水漾少年

Victory Lap 水漾少年 - EP13

22 Min

By meWATCH Published: 05 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

On the competition day, YU SHUAI collapsed. CHEN BIN encouraged the team to never give up. The Swordfish Swimming Team made it as the first runner-up. Because of their perfomance, the four swimmers were invited to take part in the selection of Singapore National Swimming Team ! 东南亚游泳俱乐部大赛当天,余帅晕倒。陈彬鼓励泳队要为余帅拿出最好的表现!旗泳队最终在比赛中摘下亚军。一翔等四人也因为在比赛中杰出的表现,如愿得到了参加国家队甄选会的机会!

Victory Lap 水漾少年
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