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Anti-Jihadist Training Camp
15 Min
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By meWATCH Published: 05 Jul 2019 Audio: English

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Paris attacks, the Nice attack, and a constant drumbeat of smaller lethal jihadist terror attacks, France is a country on edge. Still in a state of emergency, with troops patrolling the streets and more than 17,000 suspected terrorists to monitor, France’s security services are more stretched than ever, and its civilian population on edge. Now a French entrepreneur living in Poland is offering what he calls “anti-jihadist training” in Poland, a country lionized by Europe’s new radical right for its uncompromising attitude to Muslim immigration and rejection of Western European liberalism. Videos on Hussard’s website show camouflaged figures training in woodland with automatic weapons- is this legitimate self-defence training against a potential jihadist attack, or is it the beginning of a worrying slide towards militia training and civil conflict in France ? VICE went to Warsaw to meet Grégory Leroy, founder of Hussard, to find out what the anti-jihadist training involves, why he’s doing it, and what kind of people attend.

VICE Reports
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