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VIC维多利亚的模力 - EP15

27 Min
Some Sexual References

By meWATCH Published: 07 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

After some investigation, it was Xena that is behind Vicky’s freak accident. Yet Xena is unable to divulge the mastermind as she is also reluctant to reveal why she is being blackmailed into harming Vicky. In spite of this, Vicky analyses the situation and tests Queenie out, hoping to prove that she is behind the instigations. Initially, Queenie denies but Vicky uses her ambiguous relationship with Gordon to spite Queenie. Queenie finally admits and vouches herself irreconcilable against Vicky. Despite knowing that Queenie is the culprit, Vicky believes that someone else was behind her soul exchange. She thinks that Allan is somehow related to the incident. Lo and behold, Allan had been murdered just prior to her confrontation. This matter is becoming increasingly bizarre. Juno is worried and decides to protect Vicky by being her bodyguard. They develop feelings for each other. On the other hand, the competition intensifies. Internationally renowned show choreographer, Zoe, is invited as a guest judge. Zoe is well-known for being stern. The models have already begin to suffer in their first rehearsal. Vicky collides into Suki who is already injured and suffers a headache. Vicky decides to return to the mansion to rest. On the way there, Vicky is being attacked again. 经过一番调查,众人终于发现是Xena下手陷害Vicky,但是Xena并无法告知众人究竟是谁指使自己,并且Xena也不肯说出自己为何被威胁。尽管如此,Vicky在分析之下,前往试探Queenie,想证明她就是幕后指使。初时,Queenie不肯承认,但是Vicky百般利用自己和Gordon的关系来相激,Queenie终于忍耐不住,如实相告,并誓言和Vicky势不两立。 尽管知道Queenie就是幕后指使,但是Vicky认为,害自己灵魂交换的人却是另有其人,并前往寻找Allan,认为Allan和此事脱不了关系,岂料,Allan却在不久前被杀害死亡,事情越来越曲折离奇,而Juno越来越不放心,因此决定贴身保护Vicky。两人的感情也更进一步.. 另一方面,比赛也进入白热化阶段,比赛请来国际知名秀导Zoe来当嘉宾评审,Zoe的严厉众人皆知。在第一次练习中,众人就吃尽苦头,Vicky更是因和扭伤脚的Suki碰撞而头晕目眩,就在回去洋房休息之际,再次被人袭击...

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