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Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物

Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物 - EP8

Pork Perfection - Babi Tohay (Finale
23 Min

By Channel U Published: 11 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Made with a sauce that takes 30 days to perfect. An ingredient, 'grago' shrimp, that money often cant buy because of sporadic supply. All the reasons why a Singapore Peranakan braised pork dish, Babi Tohay, is vanishing. Chef Malcolm Lee, of Michelin-starred Candlenut Restaurant, shares his secrets. 娘惹料理“发酵猪肉” (Babi Tohay) 是一道需要用三十天才能发酵的酱汁来烹调的佳肴。其中一种食材,小虾,因为稀有而货源不足,有钱也经常无法买得到。这也是为什么这道传统佳肴会逐渐消失的原因。

Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物
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