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Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物

Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物 - EP4

Fisherman's Delicacy - Curry Mohlyu
23 Min

By Channel U Published: 12 Feb 2020 Audio: Chinese

Food blogger Aun Koh is back on home ground, but finds himself totally unfamiliar with an Singaporean Eurasian dish called Curry Mohlyu. This is a food borne out of Portuguese Eurasian history and culture. Before they formed the backbone of British colonial civil service, they were fishermen. 美食博客许安发现自己身为新加坡人竟然对“咖喱墨鱼” (Curry Mohlyu) 这道新加坡混合欧亚的佳肴,一点也不熟悉。这道佳肴源自于葡萄牙与欧亚人的历史与文化。

Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物
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