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Ups and Downs 婚姻保险

Ups and Downs 婚姻保险 - EP20

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

Meimei is determined to divorce Zhenfeng and bring the baby back to Switzerland where she can resume her studies. Unable to take the blow, Zhenfeng attempts suicide. He leaves two letters behind, one for his wife and one for Yuping. Qianfan rushes Zhenfeng to the hospital where he is saved. Deng hands over his letter to Meimei but she refuses to read it. However, when Yuping reads Zhenfeng's letter, she is filled with remorse. Yiming encourages her to start life anew, Yuping then realises that Yiming is concerned for her. Yuping visits Zhenfeng hospital but he is asleep. Realising that she is the only one who can sort things out, she goes to Meimei and begs her to give her husband a second chance. But Meimei refuses. Yuping angrily points out that Meimei is partly responsible as she left her husband for Switzerland despite his objection. Ziwen is at the hospital visiting Zhenfeng when he meets Weiqiang and Yiling. Weiqiang announces that they are going to marry soon. Ziwen tries to find out how Cuiwen is but is told by Weiqiang to persuade his sister to go home. As Ziwen does not know Cuiwen's feelings, he is hesitant. Yiling tells him that Cuiwen is just as anxious to reconcile but is afraid that he will remain as chauvinistic. Ziwen decides to change for the better and his sons eagerly help. He invites her for dinner and persuades her to return. When she refuses, he is disappointed. After consulting his sons, he feigns illness so that Cuiwen will make a trip home. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and he becomes really ill. Cuiwen is alarmed and quickly admits him to the hospital. This incident brings them back together. Meimei is packing her belonging on the eve of her departure when she comes across Zhenfeng's letter to her. Out of curiosity, she opens the letter and reads his remorseful message. At the airport, Zhenfeng goes to see her off. Touched by it all, she hands the baby to him telling him to take care of their son. Zhenfeng is so pleased that he weeps with joy...

Ups and Downs 婚姻保险
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