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Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗?

Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗? - EP5

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

The distance a mother goes through for their autistic children can be daunting yet fulfilling. Determined to improve Edura's condition, Yonie became a complementary healer and helped families in need. Zhen Yu's mother has learnt to appreciate life as it is, with a deep sense of acceptance and peace. 为了改善女儿Edura的情况,Yonie放弃工程师职位成为辅助治疗师,也因此帮助许多自闭家庭。曾经用尽方法,希望儿子震宇能从自闭症走出来;母亲彭维燕已学会放下执着,活着当下,陪伴儿子过充实精彩的生活。

Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗?
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