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Undercover Asia S7

Undercover Asia S7 - EP10

Slavery At Sea
47 Min

By CNA Published: 16 May 2020 Audio: English

For decades, thousands of vulnerable migrants have been enslaved onboard untraceable Thai fishing boats lingering far out in international waters. These men are cheated into dangerous, unpaid labour, then beaten, starved and worked round the clock. Those who manage to escape find themselves trapped on remote Indonesian islands with no way of getting home. Governments are now cracking down on this brutal industry with new rules being put in place. But as the world's insatiable appetite for low cost seafood persists, perpetrators are finding ways to navigate the restrictions. And the cycle of poverty continues to push the most vulnerable members of society back into bonded labour. Those working to rescue them are confronted with death threats from groups profiting from this multi-billion dollar industry, as well as corruption and complacency from the authorities. Can their determination to stop this illicit trade put an end to Slavery at Sea ?

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