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Under The Power 锦衣之下

Under The Power 锦衣之下 - EP4

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

The Emperor orders Lu Yi to investigate the alleged collusion between Cao Kun and the Japanese pirates. Yuan Jinxia and her senior Yang Yue eavesdrop on the conversation between Lu Yi and Yang Chengwan, and realise that Yang Chengwan was once an Imperial Secret Police. 皇上派遣陆绎去扬州,暗中调查曹昆跟倭寇背后的阴谋。陆绎跟六扇门总捕头杨程万谈话,袁今夏和师兄杨岳偷听,发现原来当年杨程万曾是锦衣卫。

Under The Power 锦衣之下
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