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Ubin Boy S2

Ubin Boy S2 - EP6

Go, going, gone? (Finale)
22 Min

By okto Published: 11 Aug 2018 Audio: English

More of Ah Ma’s neighbours are moving out of Pulau Ubin. Even Xiao Min’s parents are talking about relocating to the main land. Xiao Min expresses to Steven and Ah Boy about her reluctance to leave. but if her parents decide to move, she will have to go. The three friends become sad when they think about the future of Pulau Ubin. When Steven and Ah Boy reach home, they see Ah Ma arguing with a man. Ah Ma is chasing him away from her property with a shovel. The man tells Ah Ma that she will not receive a better offer and advises her to accept his offer. He scoots off. Ah Ma reveals that the man is Sam Soon, a developer. Steven and Ah Boy are relieved that Ah Ma has no plans to move away. The next day, Ah Ma gets a call for help from Uncle Salleh. There is a sudden infestation of termites in his house, and he wants to borrow kerosene to get rid of his problem. Uncle Salleh concedes that he, too, may have to leave his home. Steven and Ah Boy find a name card left behind by Sam Soon when cleaning uncle Salleh house and realise that he too, has been approached to sell his property. The last time he approached being the day before, and he left after making threats at Uncle Salleh. Steven and Ah Boy suspect that Sam Soon is behind the sabotage of Uncle Salleh’s house. Steven figures out that Sam Soon’s next target must be Ah Ma, and the two boys wants to catch him red-handad. Their vigil is rewarded. The two boys rush towards the dark figure, pounce on him and arm-wrestle him to the ground. The two boys are shocked to discover that the intruder is Uncle Salleh. An ashamed Uncle Salleh reveals that he wants to frame Sam Soon, to drive him off the island so that he will stop bugging the islanders to sell their property to him. His neighbours are moving away, one by one, and he wants to stop the exodus. If the islanders think that Sam Soon is the saboteur, then they will stay put and not sell off their homes. Ah Ma comforts a distraught Uncle Salleh. Steven, Ah Boy and Xiao Min wonder about the future of their island home. They know that change is inevitable, but unlike Uncle Salleh who is firmly resistant against the change, they will make the best of the time they have on Pulau Ubin.

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