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Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP8

My Old Man And Me
22 Min

By okto Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: English

Ah Ma celebrates Steven and Ah Boy's birthdays. The boys talk about their birthday presents. Ah Boy wants motorbike that his father used to take him on rides when he was still alive and Steven wants a kiss from Xiao Min.Steven decides if Ah Boy misses his own father so much, he will get his father to buy Ah Boy's motorbike. That way, Ah Boy will hang out with Steven's father fixing the bike instead of playing with Xiaomin and him. This will then gives Steven's ample opportunity to spend quality time with Xiaomin ! Mr Teo has grown so close to Ah Boy that Steven feels left out. As Steven's father spends more and more time with Ah Boy on the motorbike, Steven gets more and more jealous and regrets asking his father to buy the motorbike for Ah Boy. He picks up a hammer and wants to give it big overhaul but soon learns his foolishness and ask forgiveness from Ah Boy. Ah Boy tells Steven no one can replace his dad no matter how. LESSON OF THE DAY: NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY YOUR FAMILY AWAY FROM YOU.

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