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Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP6

The Hungry Hippo
22 Min

By okto Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: English

Steven is sick of Ah Ma's cooked food and wants a fast food instead. Ah Ma gets fed up and tells Steven to either eat or starve. Steven has no choice but to eat. His craving made him decides to sneak back to the mainland. Ah Boy and Xiao Min tag along. Steven feels at home once nestled in the city. He takes Ah Boy and Xiao Min around and boast how rich his parents are much to the disgust of Ah Boy and Xiao Min. Their enjoyment of fast food are shortlived when Steven discover his own father manning the counter of the fast food restaurant ! His father could not save his business and do not want Steven to feel embarass about it. Steven unable to tell Ah Boy and Xiao Min the truth but not for long. Both of them discover the truth and chide Steven for being materialistic. Armed with new conviction, they collect discarded drink cans to help Steven parents. Passerby start giving money and they realize it is a faster way to earn money but its backfires when police catch them for cheating. They have to ask for Steven's dad help. He wants Steven to study hard and not spend so much instead of trying to help him financialy. The trio then returned to Ubin. Ah Ma had specially gone to mainland to get Steven his fast food. Steven feels guilty for being frivoulus. He resolves to be more prudent and responsible in future. LESSON OF THE DAY: SOMETIMES LOVE MEANS MAKING PERSONAL SACRIFICES.

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