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Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP5

The Kampong Spirit
22 Min

By okto Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: English

Ah Ma wants the boys to take someof her vegetable to Uncle Salleh's house. Steven has no idea why Ah Boy disappears when Uncle Salleh's name was mentioned. He agrees to take it for Ah Ma. He steps in into Uncle Salleh house and looks around. Suddenly a loud voice booms out "what are you doing here ? " Steven turns around and sees a mean-looking old man ! Shocked, Steven drops all the vegetables and flees. Ah Boy laughs and laughs when Steven tells him what happened. Steven learns that Uncle Salleh is a crazy old man who hates children, especially kids like Steven. Later Ah Ma tells them Uncle Salleh is very upset that Steven messed up his place and he wants Steven to go and apologize. Steven asks Ah Boy to come along. They apologize but end up quarreling with him. Uncle Salleh chases them out but slips and falls. Ah Ma is furious to learn what happened and makes the boys help out at Uncle Salleh's place while he recovers. The boys suffer at the hands of a cranky and demanding Uncle Salleh and wants out but Ah Ma wouldn't let them. The boys lie to Ah Ma that Uncle Salleh thinks she is a busybody. Ah Ma doesn't fall for it. The boys then say that Uncle Salleh thinks her vegetables are the worst things he has ever tasted. Ah Ma is so upset she goes to Uncle Salleh's place and demands for her vegetables back. The two have a fall out. The boys are initially happy but later feel guilty for what they did. They try to explain to Ah Ma but she is too upset to listen and she regrets being so nice and generous to someone who doesn't even appreciate it. The boys go to Uncle Salleh's place to explain but Uncle Salleh chases them out instead and in the process he slips and falls again, this time spraining the other leg !

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