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Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP2

Missing Rabbits And Giant Jackfruits
22 Min

By okto Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: English

Steven and Ah Boy are bored. Ah Boy dares Steven to steal a huge jackfruit from Xiao Min's garden. Steven is reluctant initially but can't take Ah Boy's incessant taunts and accepts the dare. He manages to sneak in and grabs a huge jackfruit and he has difficulty moving it. Xiao Min catches them. She accuses the boys of stealing her pet rabbit as well. The boys deny it but Xiao Min doesn't believe them and threatens to report them to the police. The boys have no choice but to find the rabbit. Futile search follows, they are about to give up when they meet Teck Ko. He overhears the boys' conversation, and tells the boys he is the island's 'get it' guy and is able to get anything for a small fee. He volunteers to get them a rabbit exactly like Xiao Min's for 50 dollars. The boys take up Teck Ko's offer but what they get is not what they expected and feel cheated. They pay a heavy price for being cheated and learn that crime doesn't pay. LESSON FOR THE DAY: IF YOU DO NOT THINK BEFORE YOU ACT, CONSEQUENCE SURE TO FOLLOW.

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