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Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP1

Town Mouse And Country Mouse
22 Min

By okto Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: English

Steven is dissappointed to learn he is not spending school holidays in sunny Hawaii. Instead he is spending the holiday in Pulau Ubin together with his grandmother and his cousin Ah Boy. for the next six weeks. He will spends in a old kampong house surrounded by mosquitoes, trees and nothing else. Steven not sure how is he going to cope. The constant bullying and jibbing by Ah Boy does not noy make thing easier. When he finaally discovers that his parents are going through a financial crisis, he realizes that the only way to help is being a good son until they sort things out. Once Steven accepts his new fate. things turn out better; Ah Boy decides to be more brotherly ans their next door neighbour Xiaomin is the sweetest girl Steven has ever met. LESSON OF THE DAY: WHEN LIFE SERVES YOU LEMON, LEARN TO MAKE LEMONADE.

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