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Twilight Years 边缘老人

Twilight Years 边缘老人 - EP8

Phillipines: Filipino Amerasians (Finale
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 08 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the Philippines, a large number of children were born out of wedlock to Filipino women and U.S. Servicemen during the Vietnam War. They are living in poverty, experiencing discrimination for growing up without a father. This episode documents the elderly lives of them who are now remain impoverished. 越战期间,大批美军到菲律宾驻扎,并和当地女性在合法婚姻体制外,生下许多混血儿;美军父亲完成任务后回国,却丢下单亲的孩子,在歧视、仇恨和贫困中成长。这群美亚后裔而今也年过半百,他们在过着怎样的生活 ?

Twilight Years 边缘老人
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