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Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings 星期二特写: 钟声响起时

Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings 星期二特写: 钟声响起时 - EP8

Dunman High School
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Dunman High School (DHS) was the second Chinese school set up by the government in 1956. It produced several writers and calligraphers under the leadership of renowned calligrapher Chen Jen Hao in earlier years. The Casuarina trees in the school compound at Dunman Road were affectionately remembered by generations of alumni. International Olympic Committee Executive Board Member Ng Ser Miang, TV anchor Otelli Edwards and martial arts gold medalist Vera Tan Yan Ning, recalled their fond memory in DHS as it transformed to a Special Assistance Plan (SAP), Autonomous and Integrated Programme (IP) school over the last 60 years.创校已有60年历史的德明政府中学,是新加坡第二所政府华文中学。早期的德明,在书法家陈人浩掌校下,文风鼎盛。校园内的木麻黄树给德明学子留下诗情的回忆。 过去一个甲子,德明由传统华校转型成特选、自治、直通车学校,一代代校友包括国际奥委会执委黄思绵、教育工作者符传丰、中英文媒体人李宁强和奥黛莉、以及东南亚运动会武术金牌女将陈彦凝等,忆述德明人的情意。

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