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Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings 星期二特写: 钟声响起时

Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings 星期二特写: 钟声响起时 - EP3

River Valley High School
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 25 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

River Valley High School (RVHS) was the first Government Chinese School, among the pioneers of SAP (Special Assistance Plan) school. With a history of 60 years, the school has gone through a long and difficult journey, relocating six times and renaming thrice. Today, RVHS has transformed to a S.I.A. school, where “S” stands for “SAP”, “I” stands for “IP-Integrated Programme” and “A” stands for “Autonomous Status”. Former principal Mdm Leong Fan Chin had left an indelible mark on the school through her dedication and commitment spanning 27 years. Alumni Hee Theng Fong remains grateful to his alma mater for building up his strong foundation in languages. Similarly, Gina Goh Shu Hui who aspires to be a zoologist also has much to thank the school for.首批特选中学之一的立化中学,是新加坡第一所政府华文中学。创校60年来,立化前后六次迁校, 三次更换校名, 从传统华校转型为集“特选”、“自治”、“直通车”于一体的学府,它所经历的是漫长艰难的旅程。 前校长梁环清和立化一起走过27年风雨,她是为立化力挽狂澜的第五任校长。 从立化毕业40多年的许廷芳,感恩母校为一代人奠定了双语双文化的基础。 新一代学子吴术慧梦想当动物学家,因获得青年环保奖而远征北极圈。

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