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Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings S2 星期二特写: 钟声响起 2

Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings S2 星期二特写: 钟声响起 2 - EP5

Nurturing Talents by Lakeside (Chung Cheng High School) /
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Founded in 1939, Chung Cheng High School was first situated at Kim Yan Road. It was not until 8 years later that the school was moved to its current location at Goodman Road, a plot of land that has a natural lake, which later became known as the renowned Chung Cheng lake. The school with its scenic Chung Cheng lake has since cultivated plenty of talents in the literature, drama and fine arts industry through the decades. Chung Cheng’s spirit of perseverance was also reflective in the school’s persistent fundraising for 20 years to build the school’s Administration Building (Zhulin Building) and the Entrance Arch, which were both gazetted as National Monuments. The selection of the school as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in 1979, also enabled the revival of arts in school, and Chung Cheng High School continued to shoulder its mission of the passing on of Chinese culture. 中正中学创立于1939年。1947年,董事会购买位于加东、带有一天然湖泊的地块做为校地,成为今日的中正总校。 灵秀的中正湖,孕育许多文学、戏剧、美术人才。全校倾20年之力筹款,兴建了如今已成为国家古迹的大礼堂与校门牌坊,更体现中正人的自强精神。 1979年成为特选中学,带动校内的文艺复兴,也让中正继续负起传承华族文化的使命。文章千古事,都借湖声流转,远播南北东西。

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