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Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings S2 星期二特写: 钟声响起 2

Tuesday Report: When the Bell Rings S2 星期二特写: 钟声响起 2 - EP1

Nan Hua High School / 丰泽南华
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Nan Hua High School, an institution with a hundred years of rich history, was originally a girls’ school. She had spent several glorious decades at Mount Sophia, before moving to Clementi and becoming a coeducational school. Having gone through many difficult times, campus relocations and education changes, Nan Hua was added to the list of Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in the year 2000. The school spirit is continuously passed down to new generations, up till today. Students still take pride in the art of dance performances as well as cherishing the school’s cultural traditions inherited from their seniors. 去年刚庆祝创校百年的南华中学,最初是一所民办女校,曾在苏菲亚山度过风光的年代,迁入金文泰校舍后,由传统华校转型成为男女混合的政府中学,直到2000年才成为我国第十所特选中学。 经历几度搬迁、教育改革,南华却始终传承着南华人引以为傲的舞蹈专长,通过各类活动振兴立校的传统文化,维系着一世纪的南华情缘。节目访问知名校友已故法医赵自成的妻子黄玉才、资深教育工作者冯焕好。

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