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Tuesday Report: What Makes A Boss 星期二特写:我家老板

Tuesday Report: What Makes A Boss 星期二特写:我家老板 - EP1

Woodlands Transport Service
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Jan 2017 Audio: Chinese

Three close friends from a kampong in Mandai started off a partnership 43 years ago by operating a mini bus service. The co-founders, Voo Soon Sang, Lim Chin Hwee and Sia Leong Bee, had now turned Woodlands Transport Service to one of the largest private bus company in Singapore. Going through the journey with them are a number of pioneer drivers who cherish the hardship and joys they shared. An illiterate driver recalled how the bosses offered help in match-making. Another general manager felt the personal touch from the bosses ever since working as an assistant. Looking back the hard years together, Mr Voo Soon Sang, who recovered from a stroke, is overwhelmed with emotions.

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