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Tuesday Report: The Dream Catchers 星期二特写:筑梦

Tuesday Report: The Dream Catchers 星期二特写:筑梦 - EP4

Famous Singaporean actress Zoe Tay
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Zoe Tay is a famous Singaporean actress. Zoe entered showbiz after coming in first place in the inaugural Star Search in 1988. Being an actress was not her initial dream. Through the many roles she has acted, Zoe fulfilled her childhood dreams of becoming nurses and teachers, and also found her ultimate dream and goal: to become a good actress, and to present works of quality. After 30 years of showbiz career, Zoe also hopes to make use of her influence to do more good. She initiated the #youcansayno campaign in 2018, raising awareness in domestic violence, and hopes to be more involved in charity activities in future. 郑惠玉,是新加坡家喻户晓的知名艺人。1988年,她以第一届《才华横溢出新秀》冠军的身份踏入演艺圈。对她而言,演艺事业,并不是她最初追寻的梦想;但透过饰演一个又一个不一样的角色,惠玉间接实现了想要成为护士、教师的儿时梦想,也逐渐找到自己未来的方向。走过30年演艺路,惠玉现在也希望能够透过自己多年来建立起的形象,更好地去帮助别人;发起反家庭暴力的运动,更积极地投入慈善,是她接下来的目标。

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