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Tuesday Report: The Dream Catchers 星期二特写:筑梦

Tuesday Report: The Dream Catchers 星期二特写:筑梦 - EP3

Principal of Singapore Ballet Academy Han Kee Juan
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Han Kee Juan is currently the Principal of Singapore Ballet Academy. He was born in Singapore. Becoming a principal dancer had been his dream and his dream came through when he was 25 years. After more than a decade of dance career, he trained and coached many prominent dancers, namely David Hallberg, Principal of American Ballet Theatre. Mr. Han is a master teacher and has been awarded 5 prestigious teaching awards. 韩纪元目前是新加坡芭蕾舞学院的校长。他生于新加坡,从小就喜欢跳舞,成为芭蕾舞演员是他的梦想。早年负笈澳大利亚研修芭蕾舞,终于梦想成真,二十五岁担任悉尼城市舞蹈团主要演员,而后留在美国执教芭蕾舞二十多年,五次荣获优秀芭蕾舞教师奖, 是「大师级」芭蕾舞教师。他培育了许多优秀专业舞者,其中包括世界级芭蕾舞明星David Hallberg。

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