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Tuesday Report: Stars At Dawn 星期二特写: 边援人

Tuesday Report: Stars At Dawn 星期二特写: 边援人 - EP4

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Seen as dirty and immoral, sex workers are often shunned, loathed, and marginalized. They themselves may also feel ashamed and helpless and thus are reluctant to report to the police even when sexually abused. They suffer in silence until a group of volunteers step in and look into their rights and well-being. Project X is a group of volunteers that include students, social work graduates, lawyers and former sex workers who extend their help to these sex workers. The current project director is Vanessa Ho, a young woman who graduated from UK with a Master's degree. What stories are behind every case ? 走在社会的最边缘,以肉体做交易的性工作者,往往被社会人士视为“肮脏下贱的人”,她们受尽白眼和歧视。即便她们在工作上遭受欺凌,如嫖客使用暴力,或者不付钱,她们也往往忍气吞声,不敢报警。虽然遭受不平,但也因被视为咎由自取而难以取得同情和支持。那是什么原因让毕业自英国的硕士生何思慧为性工作者挺身而出?她团队里的义工包括在籍学生、前性工作者,以及提供免费法律援助的律师。这些边缘人与边援人有什么故事?

Tuesday Report: Stars At Dawn 星期二特写: 边援人
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