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Tuesday Report: Relive 星期二特写: 生命加油站

Tuesday Report: Relive 星期二特写: 生命加油站 - EP4

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 02 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Dementia is an illness marked by declining mental abilities, especially memory. When first diagnosed with dementia, 90-year-old Mdm Chaus often emotional outburst provide many challenges for the family, especially her main caregiver, the daughter-in-law. Desperate for help, the Chau family finally found a rescue line when they discover a home, specially catered to dementia patients. In this episode, Chew Chor Meng, whom suffers from a gradual loss of mobility due to Kennedys disease, got to know the Chau family- how will he deliver another silver lining to the family ? 失智症是影响大脑功能,造成思维和记忆逐渐衰退的疾病。90岁的周老太太在罹患失智症初期,常因情绪失控而给全家带来困扰,尤其是日夜照顾她的媳妇。 后来,周家找到了专为失智症病患设立的疗养院,获得专业帮忙。这一集艺人周初明受邀到访疗养院;因患上慢性疾病而日渐失去行动能力的他,会如何助他们一家人留下最美好的回忆?

Tuesday Report: Relive 星期二特写: 生命加油站
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