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Tuesday Report: No Limit 星期二特写:极限人生

Tuesday Report: No Limit 星期二特写:极限人生 - EP2

Parkour 跑酷人生
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Parkour is the sport of using the human body to get from one point to another in the fastest way possible. Often seen as a dangerous and illegal activity, 26 years old Koh Chien Pin, an avid parkour athlete, works hard to dispel the public’s stereotypical view. With formalized lessons for young and old, staged parkour events in malls, Koh hopes to bring this sport to the masses. His 8 year old student Lucien Goh has found a new calling in parkour. This is the story of how parkour athletes, from past till now, challenge the limits, socially and physically. 源自法国的极限运动,跑酷,因涉及许多“攀岩走壁”,看起来高风险的的动作,所以经常被大众误解边缘化。本地头号跑酷高手许正斌(26岁),多年来努力推广教导跑酷课程,让小孩和老人都能接触和体验跑酷运动。8岁的吴汉明为什么第一次接触就为此着迷?许正斌又是如何在社会舆论中成长,挑战极限,活出自己?

Tuesday Report: No Limit 星期二特写:极限人生
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