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Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg 星期二特写: 情牵新马

Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg 星期二特写: 情牵新马 - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

72-year-old Malcolm Chen was instantly moved by the warmth of the local natives and their acceptance of everyone, since he first went to Sarawak 14 years ago. This later inspired him to set up a social entrepreneurship, “Ageless Bicyclists” to teach people of different ages and abilities about cycling. 58-year-old Jong Hian Fah was from Kuching, Sarawak, he came to Singapore some 40 years ago, to make a living. Through the early days of hardship, Jong has since settled down here, happily married with four children. Even though his children, all born here, might not have understood his yearning for his hometown, Jong would still insist on teaching them about the traditions he held dear till today. 72岁的陈大川在14年前第一次踏足砂拉越首府古晋,就被当地土著的友善与优美的环境所感动。不久后,他创办了社会企业Ageless Bicyclists,希望把骑脚车的乐趣推广给不同年龄,智商和体能的人,并且把骑车与行善挂钩。 58岁的杨贤华40年前从古晋远到新加坡打拼。多年奋斗,他不仅成家立业,也在本地落地生根。尽管四个在新加坡土生土长的孩子对砂拉越古晋的感情远不如己,不过他还是希望孩子们能记住对古晋的乡情。

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