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Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg 星期二特写: 情牵新马

Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg 星期二特写: 情牵新马 - EP2

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

In Malaysia, many families in Muar installed antennae at the rooftops of their houses, creating a unique sight. What is the purpose of the antennae ? Chua Qin Kai, who came from a big family of nine daughters, is presently a TV programme host in Singapore. How was her growing up experience with her eight sisters like ? Bukit Bakri is a village in Muar, where most of the families has the same surname “Toh”, how does this village maintain a close relationship with the Singapore Toh Clan ? 在马来西亚麻坡的华人家庭,住家屋顶几乎都安装高达30多公尺的天线,俨然成了麻坡的一道奇特风景线,其中原因是什么?《狮城有约》主持人蔡沁凯来自麻坡,上有八个姐姐。这九姐妹一起成长的岁月有何不同?麻坡巴口的村民几乎都姓杜,“杜家庄”与彼岸的新加坡杜氏宗亲如何维系着剪不断的情缘?

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