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Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg S2 星期二特写: 情牵新马 2

Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg S2 星期二特写: 情牵新马 2 - EP6

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 02 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

36 years ago, "Passing on the lamp", a song written and composed by Singaporeans was introduced to Foon Yew High School in Johor Bahru. It soon gained popularity in Malaysia. Six years later in 1988, "24 Festival Drums", first performed by students from Foon Yew, attracted many followers in Singapore community and schools as well. Both the song and the unique art of drumming have wide-spread impacts in the two neighboring countries. "24 Festival Drums" has been recognized as Malaysia National Cultural Heritage since 2009, while Singapore showcased "Passing on the lamp" at Chingay Parade 2011 and will promote it to secondary school students from next year as part of Chinese literature syllabus. 36年前,由新加坡人张泛和杜南发创作的诗乐《传灯》传入新山宽柔中学,在全马各地掀起传唱热潮。六年后,在1988年,《廿四节令鼓》在宽柔中学兴起,并引进新加坡,各个学府和社团随即响起阵阵鼓声。节令鼓在2009年列入马来西亚非物质文化遗产,《传灯》在2011年成为新加坡39届妆艺大游行的主题曲,它也被教育部选为明年的中学文学教材。长堤两岸一鼓一曲,各自精彩,互相呼应,背后蕴含的是什么样的文化使命?

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