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Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6

Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6 - EP4

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

There is a cafeteria for old folks in Marine Parade, named GoodLife ! Makan, which provides weekday free lunch to single or needy senior citizens in the community. These home-cooked meals are prepared and cooked by senior volunteers and retirees. After lunch, the old folks help to clean up and then participate in daily activities, adding fun and joy to their laid-back lives. Although age is catching up, being a volunteer made lives more meaningful, active and they enjoy the companionship. 马林百列区有个“关爱厨房”Goodlife ! Makan,专为独居和有需要的老人提供免费午餐,下厨的是退休人士以及乐龄义工,用心煮出一道道美味的家常便饭。尽管自己年纪不小,但是只要身体健康,服务人群反而令他们的生活更充实。乐龄人士可以通过多种方式当义工。由于人生经验丰富,当义工开导老人家更加得心应手。生活虽然变得忙碌,奉献的精神却令他们发出馨香之气。午餐后大家一起收拾,参与乐龄活动。乐龄义工、弱势老人为彼此的晚年生活添加温暖。

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