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Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6

Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6 - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Young delinquents are usually frowned upon and shunned by public, and yet some like Benjamin vows to help them since he was in school. Benjamin is a social worker from Youth Go !, a program that reaches out to youth at risk in the street to prevent them from going astray. Benjamin and his team would go round the clock to engage them and do all they can to help them. Despite the challenges along the way, he is unfazed and continues to approach the high-risked youths. How do the rebellious youths and school dropouts benefit from his help ? Some of the youth will share how they were influenced by Benjamin. 叛逆少年往往叫人头痛,敬而远之,但偏偏有人选择接近他们,帮他们走出歧途。社工是一个需要无私奉献的工作。杨成新从学生时代开始就下定决心要当社工,毕业后加入青年GO!计划,凭着一股热诚,日夜不分到街头寻找和辅导边缘青少年。杨成新在一个单亲家庭长大,从小得到很多社会人士的帮忙,现在他也竭尽所能的帮助他人。有时候自己也分不清什么是工作范围,什么时候才是私人时间。一些经过辅导的青少年也分享了他们如何在杨成新的劝导下,浪子回头的故事。

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