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Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6

Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6 - EP2

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Jeffery Goh and Eileen Tay are respective founders of self-initiate volunteer groups "Ren Yi Care Group" and "Friend in Kindness". Both Jeffrey and Eileen have been spending their times and efforts to run the group and lending a helping hands to the needy in the community. Jeffery starts his volunteering journey decades ago under the persuasion of his wife. He used to be a regular volunteer for different groups and association. In year 2015, he founded "Ren Yi Care Group" with a group of volunteer friends. Over the years, the group has expanded in size. With more volunteers, Jeffery and his team are able to organise different form of activities to help the less privilege. "Ren Yi Care Group" also travels overseas for volunteering experiences. On the other hand, Eileen begins to volunteer after she graduated from university. While she volunteered at different groups, she witnessed and gained insight on the lives of the needy. 吴清福十多年前在太太的游说下开始接触义工活动。他起初是在不同的组织和机构服务,直到四年前和朋友创立了“仁义爱心团”。团队组织各类的义工活动,甚至组团出国做义工。郑玉玲大学毕业后开始当义工,累积四、五年的经验后,组建了“善心之友”义工团,主要在义顺分发食品杂货给低收入家庭。比起当义工,清福和玉玲需要付出更多的时间和精力来管理团队及筹办每一次的活动。虽然不易,但热心的两人坚持不懈,希望以一己之力来帮助社会上更多困苦人士,为他们传递温暖和爱心。

Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6
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