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Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S5 星期二特写:好人好事 5

Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S5 星期二特写:好人好事 5 - EP5

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

32-year-old accountant Fong Chun Cheong became permanently disabled after a car accident 6 years ago. In order to regain the use of his legs, Chun Cheong learnt swimming and took part in many triathlons. Unfortunately, his efforts were all in vain. Despite these failed attempts, he didn’t give up, and began learning karate from Shihan Wong. Shihan, unlike other martial arts instructors, did not turn Chun Cheong away despite his disability. Instead, he offered encouragement to Chun Cheong like a father, and even voluntarily offered him additional help such as stretching and other exercises. 66-year-old Roselyn Ho has been suffering from polio since she was a child. She had to bring her two sons up singlehandedly after her husband passed away a few years after their marriage. However, she does not let her own difficulties and hardship get in the way of her charitable ways. For more than 10 years, she has been volunteering for a charitable organization by delivering bread to low income families weekly without fail. 32岁会计师冯振昌,6年前遭遇车祸,医生宣告他终身残废。冯振昌不断积极求医、运动但伤势始终没有起色。空手道黄师傅像父亲般的鼓励他,还分文不收地给他锻炼。4个月后,奇迹出现了。 66岁的何妮蒨,患有小儿麻痹症。她年轻守寡,独自养大两名儿子,因为曾经度过贫穷日子,了解当中滋味。10年前,她开始为低收入家庭义务派送食物,奉献人间温暖。

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