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"Tuesday Report: Be Myself" Introduction 《星期二特写:我就是我》介绍

2 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

Tuesday Report 8-episode series “Be Myself” document the stories of a group of young people who are all below 35 years old. They are passionate about life, have a unique insights of the world, possess strong courage to face life challenges and dare to realize their dreams. This series aim to explore why young people are shaped by their attitudes, values and personalities, and how they take control of their life and dare to stride a different path from others. 《星期二特写》八集新系列“我就是我”探讨时下年青人如何创造自己的人生定位,追寻自己的人生目标。节目采访了一群年纪少过35岁的男女,透过他们的生活历练,深入了解他们的内心世界,解读他们的思维想法。这群年轻人的特点是对生活充满热情,对社会有独特见解,并且勇于面对生活挑战,敢于实现自己的梦想。节目除了探讨年轻人的态度与价值观,也看看他们如何打造自己的人生,创造一条与众不同的道路。

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