"Tuesday Report: Be Myself" Episode 6 Preview - TreeDots 《星期二特写:我就是我》第六集精彩预告 - TreeDots

2 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 25 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Three classmates left their stables jobs in huge corporations and formed Treedots with the mission of minimizing food waste. They noticed the issue of food waste was largely ignored in Singapore and decided to take a stand against food waste and create an ecosystem where no food is wasted along the value chain, ensuring that there is no longer a need to dispose of perfectly edible food. 三个年轻男生,利用一般人都会舍弃的丑食物(ugly foods)转变成一番事业。这三个同学,放弃原本在银行的高薪职业,为丑食物寻找商机。为了转换跑道,他们放下身段,面对家人的不谅解,还要到处碰钉子。然而,为了环保,为了不浪费食物,为了回馈社会,他们坚持到底。

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