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Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我

Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我 - EP7

Wedding Photographer
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

27 year old Annabel Law is an experience wedding photographer. When she was a child, her eczema, dyslexia, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity led her to become home schooled. Despite her unconventional education, Annabel found her direction through photography. Today, she also uses her skills to help breast cancer patients document their cancer journey. 27岁的罗嘉文是个过动儿,她也患有严重的湿疹与学习障碍症。小学退学后,她留在家里接受教育。非一般的成长过程,让她受尽了别人的歧视,并且曾经萌生自杀念头。然而,摄影让她重新找到自信与人生方向。在20岁的时候她成立了婚礼摄影公司,在捕捉新人新婚喜悦之余,她也用摄影镜头去记录乳癌患者的抗癌之旅,借此提高公众对乳癌的意识。

Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我
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