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Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我

Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我 - EP6

Rescuing foods waste
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

In general, if food products are flawed, approaching expiring date, it will be discarded. To prevent food waste, four university graduates decided to take action. A team of three guys quitted their jobs and launched a social enterprise. They collect imperfect food products and supply it to clients who needed it. Audrey joined Singapore Food Bank and participate in collecting donated foods and deliver it to the neediest. With hard work and commitment all four contributed their effort to salvage food waste. 食材若是有瑕疵,外形不达标,或快要过期了,最终的宿命就是被丢弃。为了防止食材浪费,四名大学毕业生,决定展开拯救食品食材大行动。三个男生辞掉正业,两年前创办了社会企业,回收食材再供应给需要的商家。另一位女生,加入“新加坡食物银行”,到处收集被捐赠的食品,再转送给弱势群体。拯救食物,耗尽心力,默默耕耘的当儿,已为环保与社会尽了力。

Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我
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