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Tuesday Report: A Hill and A River 星期二特写:一座山一条河

Tuesday Report: A Hill and A River 星期二特写:一座山一条河 - EP3

Singapore River - Part 2
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Clarke Quay along the Singapore River was the first landing place for many Teochew immigrants from China since the mid19th century. The area was also known as a regional trading and wholesale market for fresh ingredients and groceries. As time went by, numerous warehouses and bumboats moved upstream to Robertson Quay, crowding the river banks and leading to severe pollution. In the 1970s, the popularity of container ships and a large scale river clean-up spelt a fateful twist in life for many. Hundreds of bumboats bid farewell to Singapore River in 1983, and a complete makeover took place since then to boost the riverside as a tourist attraction. Catch the stories of the generation who witnessed the transformation of Singapore River over the last several decades. 19世纪中开始发展的克拉码头,不仅是潮州籍新客的落脚地,也是生鲜与南北货的贸易、批发集散中心。上游的罗拔申码头区域支流蜿蜒,遍布货仓与驳船修理厂,日久导致河流污染。1970年代集装箱货轮普及,加上清河运动,迫使驳船在1983年全面退出新加坡河。百多年转口贸易中枢的荣景不再,转型成为观光消闲胜地。节目访问1959年抵新的最后过番客、从事土产九八行的后代、见证驳船沉没的造船技师等人,诉说新加坡河从繁华走向衰落、继而重生的过程。

Tuesday Report: A Hill and A River 星期二特写:一座山一条河
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