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True Lies 大话精

True Lies 大话精 - EP12

34 Min
Some Sexual References

By meWATCH Published: 13 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Aidan finds Nadia who is barely alive and wants to send her to the hospital. Nadia decides to tell him her secret; that she was the original “True Liar”. It turns out that Aidan is actually a figment of Nadia’s lies to begin with; a creation of her lies. Aidan发现奄奄一息的Nadia,急忙要送她到医院,Nadia却要告诉他一个秘密,原来她是大话精,Aidan是她撒谎编造的人,是她创造出来的!Aidan晴天霹雳。。。

True Lies 大话精
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