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Toys Unplugged 玩具不插电

Toys Unplugged 玩具不插电 - EP1

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, the hosts introduce how the hopscotch game is played. They are also at the indoor trampoline park trying out the bouncing sports and parkour activities. They visit a carpenter and learn about the artisan's spirit. They also teach viewers to make interesting DIY toys with metal tins.在本集节目,主持人将介绍 "跳飞机"的玩法。接着,他们带领观众前往室内蹦床乐园,体验蹦床运动、尝试跑酷活动!另外,他们也将拜访一位工匠,了解何谓工匠精神。最后,教导观众如何用铁罐制作有趣好玩的小玩具!

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