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Top Singers 超級紅人榜

Top Singers 超級紅人榜 - EP10

72 Min

By meWATCH Published: 24 Sep 2020 Audio: Hokkien

The show comprises the elements of contest, variety, songs and the stories of local people. People of any age are welcome to participate in the show. The aims are to discover grassroots singers of Taiwanese songs and Taiwanese song singers who sing and perform in a new style. 吴美琳-爱甲超过PK 陈静南 -贪心 丁士凯-三暝三日PK 吴美琳-水水水 温瀚龙-命运的深渊 陈思妏-重逢高雄港PK 刘家妤-爱你没条件 潘俊男-饮者之歌 乔幼-尚水的伴PK 吴俊宏-恋恋沙仑站

Top Singers 超級紅人榜
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