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To Mum With Love 非一般妈妈

To Mum With Love 非一般妈妈 - EP1

45 Min

By meWATCH Published: 13 Jul 2011 Audio: Chinese

Du Caixia, a school bus driver, is a widow of four children. Her eldest son, Zhengye, is married and runs a private investigator bureau. Second son Zhengzhi is a bread chef who is secretly in love with Jiang Yuhuan, the girlfriend of his buddy Weiqiang. Third Daughter, Zhengting, a materialistic person, works at a recreation club. Youngest son Zhengkang is in primary school. While at work one day, Caixia learn Cheng has disappeared. She rushes to take over Cheng’s duties and is involved in a traffic accident. Caixia’s husband, Donghai, appears to her in a dream while she is in the hospital, saying her time is up. Weiqiang tries to talk Zhengzhi into setting up a bread shop with him. He also asks him to celebrate Yuhuan’s birthday on his behalf, as he has a golf appointment with a client. Zhengting gets two tickets to a ball at the club. Hoping to snare a rich man, she rents an expensive gown. Synopses taken from 8 Days

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