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Till We Meet Again 千年来说对不起

Till We Meet Again 千年来说对不起 - EP9

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Caiyue decides to help Yaojing recall his memory. Before Yaojing meets Caiyue, Tangxin came to look for him and confessed to him, Yaojing is surprised by Tangxin's confession and also feels clueless. Tu Di Gong calls Caiyue and tells her that her life is at risk. The thunder strikes Yaojing when he wants to leave, he then recalls all his memory and wants to kill Caiyue. 采月决定借助超级雷暴,让耀进恢复记忆,约耀进见面。耀进赴约前,唐心来找他,竟然向他告白,耀进惊喜也困惑。土地公打电话告知采月可能有生命危险,耀进匆忙离开。 耀进被雷打中,果然恢复孙悟空记忆,却却仇恨采月,要杀死她!

Till We Meet Again 千年来说对不起
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