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Thumbs Up! Senior 学长学姐好样的!

Thumbs Up! Senior 学长学姐好样的! - EP3

Online Seafood Store
46 Min

By meWATCH Published: 09 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

A young and dashing fishmonger aims to set up his own website to provide the freshest seafood to his customers. However, this proves to be difficult as he is not tech savvy and does not know how to go about in setting up an online business. Fret not, here comes our Senior to the rescue. 一位年轻帅气的鱼贩决定往网络发展,希望能成立网店,为顾客提供最新鲜、最便利的海鲜!问题是,他对网络一窍不通,要设立网店谈何容易?这一集的学姐能帮上忙吗?我们拭目以待!

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