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Thumbs Up! Senior 学长学姐好样的!

Thumbs Up! Senior 学长学姐好样的! - EP1

Indoor Farming
46 Min

By meWATCH Published: 25 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the first episode of “Thumbs Up, Senior ! “, a Senior from NTU is introduced to an indoor farm that uses the most advanced LED technology to grow vegetables which are free from insecticide. However, the farm owner has difficulties in marketing his products. How can the Senior help ? Watch to find out ! 第一集的《学长学姐好样的!》主角是一位本地室内农场老板。位于工业大厦内的室内农场运用最先进的LED光谱技术来种植蔬菜,且不用任何农药,但要开拓本地市场并不容易!究竟第一集的学姐将会使出什么法宝来帮助辛苦创业的农场老板,推广这些健康又美味的本地蔬菜呢?

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