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Through The Curator's Eyes

Through The Curator's Eyes - EP4

22 Min

By okto Published: 26 Aug 2015 Audio: English

Kumar presents Living Together to Ong Keng Sen. It wasn’t flawless but it has its moments. Keng Sen offers suggestions on how to level up audience engagement. After all, this is the first time a festival act will be staged at four HDB void decks for thousands of heartlanders. As Kumar and the creative team refine their performance, Keng Sen is off to the Drama Centre to meet Madam Goh Lay Kuan for the full-dress rehearsal of Returning. The performance is glorious and with just a few minor tweaks, it’s ready for the opening of SIFA. As the days tick down to opening night, Director of Productions Fred Frumberg is working in overdrive to get hundreds of performers, venues and logistics primed for the big day.

Through The Curator's Eyes
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