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There Was A Time S2

There Was A Time S2 - EP6

THE TIES THAT BIND - The road to building international relationships
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 22 Dec 2014 Audio: English

The ASEAN countries came together but out of fear of the spread communism. This alliance became a strong political force in the region. And in the fight against the communists, or the fight against the Vietnamese occupation against Cambodia, Singapore and America worked hand-in-hand to establish new ties. Yet, Singapore is still able to defend its decisions and policies, even if it means incurring negative criticisms from the bigger nations - when we decided not to accept Vietnamese refugees/boat people. We did not give in or succumbed to the pressure of the affluent countries, putting our citizens’ interest first. Kishore says it best, 'It's not about countries falling in love, it's about countries defending their own interests.'

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